Rooftop Movie Screening & Wine Tasting with Gear to Go Outfitters


Gear to Go Outfitters


Rooftop Reds

299 Sands St bldg #275, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY, US, 11205

Preamble: if you’d like to also do yoga please head over to this page.

Want to watch a film about the outdoors… outdoors? Drink wine on a rooftop at Rooftop Reds? You’re in luck. This summer night film screening will include all of the above (plus a bonus yoga class if you’re feeling active).

Start the night with a 4 wine tasting (included!) with the wine experts of Rooftop Reds as we watch the sun set over Manhattan. Then settle into your seat and watch “A Walk in the Woods”  and enjoy the warm breeze of a summer in Brooklyn.

Read the directions below carefully.

Train/Walking Directions

1. From the York St. F Train Station, make a right onto York St.

  1. York St. will become Navy St. after a bend to the right in the road.

  2. After passing the NYC impound, you will see the Sand St. Entrance of the Navy Yard.

  3. Continue straight on the entrance road, then take the right fork when you come to it. .

  4. Follow the right fork and continue on to the left side of the building where you will enter the double doors.

  5. Do you have to walk four flights of stairs to the rooftop? Yes, but don’t worry. This Rooftop Winery experience is like none other*

About your host: Gear to Go Outfitters 

OUR MISSION AT GEAR TO GO IS TO HELP YOU PUT MORE ADVENTURE INTO YOUR LIFE. Not only do we have the largest fleet of outdoor rental gear in the country, we even offer guided hiking and backpacking trips, around the country and around the world! Looking to brush up on your outdoor skills? Check out one of our outdoor education courses. Our employees are paid a living wage and our guides are all licensed mountain guides. With a staff made of mostly military veterans, we are by far, the most experienced guide service in the New York City area. We specialize in helping to push you beyond your comfort zone and achieve things you didn’t know you were capable of. Let us help you with your next adventure.


About your host: Rooftop Reds

In the spring of 2015, Rooftop Reds introduced the world’s first commercially viable urban rooftop vineyard in New York City. Our mission is ambitious, going well beyond merely bringing viticulture to the urban agriculture industry.  Rooftop Reds will spearhead the New York State innovative wine market and plant the seeds for a new generation of viticulture enthusiasts.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard might not be exactly what comes to mind when envisioning a terroir that is suitable for viticulture. But with the help of Finger Lakes industry leaders and Cornell University, we have developed an urban planter system that is the first of its kind. Rooftop Reds has commissioned 42 of these state-of-the-art planters to fill our 14,800 square-foot rooftop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. With these in place, production of a sustainable and completely Brooklyn vintage will be possible.